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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell what model of Aladdin I have?
All Aladdin burners have the model number on the wick raising knob (the knob that moves the wick up and down).
To find the correct parts to your lamp, use our parts guide.

How do I remove old debris from my lamp?
Hot soapy water is very good for general cleaning of both metal and glass lamps.  For metal that needs some deep cleaning, mix 2 packets of Lemonade flavored Kool-Aid or Tang with 1 to 1 ½ parts luke warm water.  Let the lamp and/or burner (be sure to remove wick first) soak in the Kool-Aid for 15 minutes to an hour.  The acidity eats away the debris.  After you are done soaking the lamp, wash it off with cool water.  To polish metal parts, we like the product Never Dull.  It is a polish already applied to a cloth. Chimneys can be cleaned in warm, soapy water.  A small bottle-brush works well to clean inside the chimney.  Make sure the chimney is completely dry before using it on a lamp.  Damp chimneys tend to break very easily.

How do I remove an old burner that is stuck in the lamp base?
Soaking the entire lamp in a bucket full of 1-K kerosene works great. (Kerosene will not harm the finish on any lamp)  When kerosene dries, it leaves a glue type residue.  After many years, the residue bonds hard to the surface. Fresh kerosene soaks into the burner and loosens the parts up. Aero-Kroil, a liquid cleaner also works well on older parts that are stuck together.  Aero-Kroil will not harm anything on the lamp. 
If you are trying to remove a wick from an old burner, do not force the wick to move!  The wick raiser (the mechanism that move the wick up and down) is a disk with small metal teeth.  Forcing the wick to move will break off the teeth, and ruin the wick raiser. (Note: Aladdin does not currently make wick raisers for anything made before 1955.)

Where do I find parts for older lamps that are not currently made?
Most Aladdin Knights (collectors of Aladdin lamps) have pieces and parts available for sale or trade.  Some dealers (mainly those who specialize in antiques) also have parts offered for sale.

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